Memo Board

Eco-friendly PET transparent material MemoBoard can be stuck on PC screen, refrigerator, any flat wall or tile. Helping you remind all to-do lists.

Upright(Stand) Memo Board

Paste the Upright Memo Board on the side of the PC Screen, wall or shelf. You can stick the memo paper on PET board and place the memo, photos or name card on the unique Bear-shaped clip design.

Target Bookmark Pen

Bookmark pen with 3 in 1 design that helps you mark the reading position, write down the key words anytime and find the reading pleasure again.

Target Bookmark

Differ from traditional bookmark. Our patent “Target Bookmark”has a Pointer on it. Not only guide you to the page, but can point out the sentence you are going to continue.

Grass Monitor Stand

Is work boring or annoying?

To add a little green touchin your daily busy workingmood and smooth yourself from stressful working environment. Small favoritenicknacks put on the standhelping you into green lifeall the time.

New Memo Hanger

With Hook design modification, placed more firmly. The note paper also can be sticky note. As writing with hanging, freely to paste, let you do things more efficiently.

Double Layer Mousepad

We add one transparent

layer on the top of the Mouse Pad. It can be placed the memo paper and photos inside and clearlysee the information. The bottom is with ultra-thinantiskid layer.

Storage Box
To choose the fashionable fog color of PP material with the simple logo design. The different size boxes available for the effective space, so that the desktop becomes tidier.
Two-color Magnetic Wooden Frame

Simply style Double Sided magnet design. To select of two favorite photos into the frame can recall your memories.

(Including ceramic cup)

A super idea of Water-Absorbent Coaster + Cup Holder + Stirring Rod. The ceramic coaster can repeatedly absorb the excess the drops. The cup holder can hang a stirring rod. Its combined the environment protection and function.

  Flip-flop Phone Holder

The cute shape was designed as well-known Taiwanese Blue-White Slippers. You can place/display your cell phone vertically or horizontally, also can put your name card or photos on it.

Book Design Pen Holder

Unique book-shape design pen holder with both functions of memo paper storage and memo clip.

Dual-Speaker Phone Case

When install the phone case on, the volume can be increased from 5 to 20 dB according to the different audio. It is not only to protect your phone, but also the volume upgrade.

Stylus Pen

In order to avoid the risk of scratching the screen, we use soft plastic protective sleeve on the front part of pen barrel. No scratching, no matter how vigorously to write or press the screen.