Concise design combines magnet idea, a best way to open and close the frames.
Two sides design, combine two frames in one. As one photo frame, it can be lay vertically or horizontally freely.
Separate the frame from one to two, and hold them on magnetic surface as two frames.

Put your lovely photos, frame your warmest memories.

Two ways to use
To place on the desk or separate the frame to two frames and place on the magnetic OA partition, iron cabinet and any magnetic surface.

Two-color frame
Two colors of pine wood frame, orginal and dark brown, that let you have two different options for match your photo.

Two Visual Effects
One side is bright surface, another side is matte surface.
Create two different visual feelings.

Change Easily
Different from normal picture frames, use NdFeB magnets to lock the frames, so you can open and change the picture easily.

Product type
Material: Pine Wood, Magnet, PP / Size: 18.2 x 13.2 x 3.2 cm
Reminder: For 5" x 7" photo, please note that the four sides of photo will be covered by frame.
( Frame Thickness: 0.6 '' )