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Memo Board (0.4mm PET) Customization

1. Printing custom logo or text (Screen Printing)
Style: Choose model from Oshi designed products (In stock quantity based) (click to enter)
When printing text and graphics, please avoid to choose light color, such as yellow or white.
(Note: the printing position only can be in the front plate)
Minimum Order Quantity : 500 pcs

2. Custom Design drawing (CMYK printing)
Having large space to express your desired picture or message
Finished Size : 320 X 60mm
Minimum Order Quantity : 2000 pcs

3. Custom Design drawing and shape (CMYK printing)
Creating your unique style
Finished Size: Maxmum : 320 X 60mm
Minimum Order Quantity : 3000 pcs (you can offer 1 to 3 designs)

Important information can be printed in the front plat that won't be covered with memo.
Without white background will show the
feeling of transparent jelly.
If add white background, the color
will be more saturated .
Add protective film on positive
side that will prevent to scratch during moving

Customization case