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Memo Board (0.4mm PET) Customization

1. Printing custom logo or text (Screen Printing)
Style: Choose model from Oshi designed products (In stock quantity based) (click to enter)
When printing text and graphics, please avoid to choose light color, such as yellow or white.
(Note: the printing position only can be in the front plate)
Minimum Order Quantity : 500 pcs

2. Custom Design drawing (CMYK printing)
Having large space to express your desired picture or message
Finished Size : 320 X 60mm
Minimum Order Quantity : 2000 pcs

3. Custom Design drawing and shape (CMYK printing)
Creating your unique style
Finished Size: Maxmum : 320 X 60mm
Minimum Order Quantity : 3000 pcs (you can offer 1 to 3 designs)


Customization case