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Acrylic memo board Customization


1. Acrylic board thickness
General specifications for the Acrylic board thickness is 2 mm. If you need the different thickness, please confirm with us.
2. Acrylic board shape and drawing design
Any size and pattern can be made, the general specifications is designed to full version of the rectangle.
3. Screen printing color
For screen printing, one to three colors are your best chose.
If you want the full-color printing, please chose our another product that called "Memo Board", here is the customized intruction. (click to enter)
4. Choose the adhesive tape position
To choose the adhesive tape position, left or right of the acrylic board.
If you need the different position, please confirm with us.
Please confirm the above as the production conditions, welcome to call us (04-2406-5990) or contact us by e-mail (click to enter)
Note: Please attached your drawing when you e-mail us that would be easy to communication between us.
Minimum Order Quantity: 2,000pcs

Acylic board thickness can be selected.
(The thickness of this sample is 2mm.)
Three-color screen printing and
customized shape
(This picture was printed black, white, brown)
To choose the adhesive tape position
(Paste on the left or right of the acrylic board)