Personal cup holder

Oshi makes L type aluminum alloy cup holder and Diatomaceous earth coaster together

Perfect combination of holder and coaster for cup

1. Propped up by three points
Using that patent propped up by three point design to make product, so cup can be fixed on the holder by putting brim on holder.
2.Diatomaceous earth coaster
Use Diatomaceous earth coaster.Diatomaceous earth coaster is environmental protection materials, non-slip moisture and easy to clean.

3.Daily commodity for individual
It is common that there are 4 cups /set or 6 cups /set in the supermarket.
It is rarely to see the personal cup holder.
4.Convenient to use
Whatever in the office, bedroom, living room, and anywhere are suitable for using it.

Product type
Material:aluminum alloy, Environmental non-slip pad, diatomaceous earth coaster, stainless steel screw
Size: 125x130x65mm
Weight: 135g