Side Memo Board

Colorful Acrylic board is firm and durable. It can post on side of the screen monitor or any others of the wall. Common sticky note will cover the screen and stick everywhere is messy around!You can only stick side memo board, and easily change into clear environment.
There is a storage space on the front, it can put memo paper or business card.

Convenient design! Give you the brand new feel!

1.Firm Acrylic material
Use 2mm thickness Acrylic board, it is more firm and durable. Use digital printing, beautiful picture will make screen interesting.
2.Write and stick anytime
It can write memo to stick on to-do list, do not forget anything!
It can use white board pen to write.

3.Storage space
Memo paper, photo, business card, cell phone are all can put.
4.Sloping design
Sloping design can prevent cell phone from dropping or lean forward while putting. It can pass through when you plug in charging cable.
Product type
Material: Acrylic(thickness:2mm), One-time use tape
Size: 105x186x2mm

Left side
Miru gets idea!
Taiwan Food
Day Plan (Gray)

Right side
Miru GO!GO!GO!
Taiwan Fun
Day Plan (Blue)